Black Country Museum!

On Friday Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day out to the Black Country Museum. We started our day off by going to experience a Victorian classroom where the headmistress (Miss Griffiths) showed us what it is like to experience school in those days. Boys and girls were separated, maths was learnt by rote and handwriting was practiced using hooks and handles.


Exciting electricity

In this science lesson we have learnt how electricity travels by using the following:

  • X2 AA batteries
  • a lightbulb
  • a lightbulb holder
  • a battery holder and finally crocodile clips!

We then used Miss O’Sullivan’s sensory stick to create a human circuit and found out that we are conductors of electricity.

Red Nose Day in 6JO

Today in 6JO we learnt about why we donate money to comic relief. During the lesson, we designed an emblem of Red Nose Day that we could sell instead of a Red Nose.

After break, we looked at the Victorian artist, William Morris. We were given half of Morris’s art and had to complete the other side thinking about the symmetry of the print. To finish of our amazing day we used string and art straws to design a print that was from our William Morris piece which we will paint and print next week.

-Evie and Keira E

The Houses of Parliament Trip

This morning, Ramisa and Aadam informed our class all about their adventures to London. We couldn’t believe they were able to see a real debate involving our Prime Minister, Theresa May and also Jeremy Corbyn. This is what they both have to say about their visit:

It was such a wonderful trip! I am grateful for the opportunity to go to London! –


It was a great trip and I really enjoyed it this. This was a great opportunity. –