Collaborative Revision

In Maths today, Miss O’Sullivan’s class have been working collaboratively to solve some arithmetic and reasoning questions. Everyone worked as a team and there was even some pupil coaching going on at the same time!

Nice work everyone 🎉🙌🏼


Carrot Party Baking 🥕

This afternoon, 6JO baked shortbread biscuits 🍪

It took us the whole afternoon and they still weren’t baked in time- so hopefully we can have them on Monday when they are ready! Well done for earning the carrot party, I hope we get another one in the new year!

Rockstars 🎸

Today we had a long anticipated times table rockstar challenge. Everyone had 2 minutes and we all started at the same time. The winner with a whopping 81 correct answers in 2 minutes was… OLIVIA 🎉 what an incredible score, I wonder if anyone could practice and beat her score next time?

Times Tables Shifts- Nrich game

The numbers in the five times table are:
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 …

I could shift these numbers up by 3 and they would become:
8, 13, 18, 23, 28 …

In this activity, the computer chooses a times table and shifts it.
Can you work out the table and the shift each time?

Can you explain how you worked out the table and shift each time, and why your method will always work?

Levels 1 and 3 includes tables up to 10.
Level 2 and 4 include tables up to 20.
On levels 1 and 2, the numbers will always be the first five numbers in the times table.
On level 3, the numbers could be any five numbers from the shifted times table.  

Use this link to see if you can figure out which timetable it is focusing on.

Teachers of the future!

This afternoon Year 6 wrote letters in character as Antarctic Explorers. After well-thought out plans, everyone was able to produce some lovely writing which has really impressed Miss O’Sullivan!

Raiah and Toby also had a go at modelling the writing for the rest of the class while Miss O was with a group. This has really impressed her as there were so many skills included and they cleverly made mistakes for the other children to spot and correct- this is super!

Equivalent Fractions

Our afternoon maths was great fun today, we were problem solving with equivalent fractions. It looked easy at first but we soon realised that there was more to the task than we first thought.

Well done for everyone who used their growth mindset to keep going until they found the answer, that’s not always easy too do but was certainly with it!